Stencil have set the bar as innovators of high performance and functional quality apparel.

Stencil’s Hy-Tech custom-made fabric technologies include Cool-Dry®, Dry-Max®, SilverTech®, Ice-Cool® and liquid-repelling Nan0-Gear®. Stencil’s Yarn Wicked fabrics ensure garments perform to your expectations by keeping you fry and cool all day, wear after wear and their unique SilverTech® range provides natural anti-bacterial killing properties for the life of the garment.

With a complete range of polo shirts, woven shirts, vests and jackets to suit any corporate and casual, healthcare, hospitality and sports clubs uniforms to meet your needs.

Here’s a few of our favourite products from Stencil.

Stencil Products
  1. Mens Ice Cool S/S Polo
    1053 Mens Ice Cool S/S Polo
    As low as $31.80
  2. Ladies Team Singlet
    1156 Ladies Team Singlet
    As low as $15.45
  3. Mens Team Singlet
    1056 Mens Team Singlet
    As low as $15.45
  4. Ladies Competitor Singlet
    7114 Ladies Competitor Singlet
    As low as $14.55
  5. Mens Competitor Singlet
    7014 Mens Competitor Singlet
    As low as $14.55

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