Lead Times

Find out about our lead times and what you can do if you need an order on a quick turnaround.

All lead times are subject to stock availability and client approvals required to proceed with production of the order.

What lead times can you expect with Mabuzi?

Depending on the print process or type of product being ordered will generally determine the lead time though for the most part we always aim to work towards our Standard lead time.

There are times when we do need things sooner than expected or maybe your regular supplier is not able to meet your time frame. For those pressing times, ask about our Express service, you'll be surprised how quickly we can turnaround an order when the pressure is on.

Lead times for promotional products and indent orders are as quoted (please ask your sales representative if you are unsure).

See the relevant section for more information.

How does our Standard Lead time work?

Our Standard lead time for apparel and apparel decoration is 5 to 7 working days from placing your order. This includes our core services of screen printing, embroidery, vinyl and digital transfers, direct to garment printing and sublimation.

When your order is processed, we will do a stock check with our suppliers but until an order is placed, we cannot guarantee stock availability which can affect the lead time.

Once you place an order with us, we will order the stock and send you an artwork proof for your approval. If the approval of the stock and artwork are approved and received as indicated there will be no need to extend the lead time.

We aim to have orders ready by 4pm on the due date for customers collecting their orders from our Camperdown warehouse. For orders that will be delivered, the job will be completed for 5pm and ready for dispatch the following day. See our Shipping page for more information on delivery times.

This table gives a quick over view of Mabuzi's Standard Lead times for T-shirt printing and apparel decoration.

Quantity 1 - 3 4 - 14 15+

Standard Service

(subject to client payment
& sign off’s within std lead times) 

Order by 4pm

Ready by 4pm
3 Working Days 

Order by 4pm

Ready by 4pm
5 Working Days
Confirmed on Order

Ready by 4pm
6 to 7 Working Days

How do you fast track an order with Mabuzi?

We pride ourselves on how fast we can turn orders around, from printing same day custom T-shirts to running a print run of thousands of tees and hoodies within a few days and delivering the next day.

The first step is always getting in touch with us so that we can get the wheels turning, from checking on stock availability and production capacity, we manage the entire process and ensure the logistics of completing your order can be achieved.

Like our standard service above, an Express Order starts when an order is placed and will require approvals to be made as soon as possible to ensure the lead time can be meet.

With express orders we consider them our business interrupters; they take precedence over other orders and get our full attention which is why we charge more for the express service. 

This is a brief over view of Mabuzi's Express Service for T-shirt printing and apparel decoration.

Express Service
(subject to client payment
& approvals)

If you need your order to be completed fast, please call us.

We'll do our best to get your order completed quick sticks.

Express Fees

$16.50 1st Item
$5.50 each there after
to a maximum of $55
(including GST)

10% of Order Value with a
Minimum fee of
$100 + GST, up to a
Maximum of $300 + GST

To find out if we can help you with our express service, give us a call for a quick response.

How do you work out the lead time of promotional products?

We source a huge range of great promotional products from local and international suppliers and each of these products have delivery times that vary depending on the quantity and decoration method applied.

When placing an order for promotional products the lead time can vary from 7 working days up to 5 weeks for production and delivery.

If you find a product in our website catalogue, you can check the More Information tab for the Standard Lead time information. For most promo products it’s best to check with your sales rep for a current estimation based on your requirements.

How long do indent orders take to be completed and delivered?

We are here to take the hassle out of managing the production of indent orders so you don’t have too. We’ve also been doing this for many years and have the process down pat.

With access to factories manufacturing all sorts of products from fully customisable sportswear to all-over sublimated T-shirts, there are many variables that need to be considered in determining the delivery time.

When placing an indent order, the lead time can vary from 4 weeks for simple orders to 8 weeks for those orders that require more complex manufacturing and printing processes. The delivery time may also vary from a few days with air freight to several weeks for sea freight.

Our sales team will work out the lead time based on your requirements and walk you through the process of placing an order. Our production team will manage the production process with the relevant factory to ensure orders are produced and delivered accordingly. Our customer will relax knowing their order is being taken care of.

Get in touch with our sales team to find out how we can help.