Relabelling & Finishing

Relabelling & Finishing

Why relabelling merch matters?

Finishing and relabelling add value to merchandise and help complete brand identity. Find out how to take your brand to the next level.

We offer a range of relabelling styles and finishing techniques including the replacement of neck labels, sewing of pips on to sleeves or attatching swing tags.

For pricing details and example scenarios, download our Relabelling and Finshing guide or get in touch for a quote.


Make your mark and brand satin, woven or tag less neck labels with care instructions included.

With tearaway labels available in some garments, relabelling can be less expensive with tag less labels.

But it's not that easy in most garments so we make it easier for you with our super seamstress who can whip them out and slap another in and you wouldn't even know.

It's beautiful.

Satin Labels

Satin labels have a great finish where sharp, clear detail can be acheived with a full colour print.

With new techniques available, sublimated satin labels allow one to customise the size and colour a bit more but can only be printed on one side.

The most popular satin labels come in a set width and available in black or white and can be printed single sided or double side.

Single Sided Satin Neck Tag

Includes Logo and Size on front - NO Care instructions

Double Sided Satin Printed Neck Tag

Includes Logo and Size on front - Care Instructions on folded under side of label

Woven Labels

Woven labels are durable and versatile, often used as neck labels, hem labels, pips and even applied to the heel of boots.

The size and colour are flexible and can be made to order.

Fine detail and small letters should be checked.

Double Sided Woven Neck Tag

Includes Logo and Size on front - Care Instructions on folded under side of label

Tagless Labels

With tagless labels the rage, it's no wonder because they don't even feel like they're there though they look sick.

Tag less labels are printed and then heat pressed into the garment.

The size of a tag is flexible and finer detail can be acheived.

1 Colour Printed Tagless Labels

Includes Logo & Size - Care Instructions beneath to fit print size


There's nothing like opening up the wrapper to take out your new swag so let's make it look good.

Remove / Re-stitch neck tag

Includes removing the existing label and restiching the garment closed.

Swing Tags

Swing tags or hangs tags can be branded and applied to the product.

A great way to include contact information or that special message you'd like to share with your fans.

Poly Bagging

Usually poly-bagging is packed into clear cellophane bags.

Great for a clean, fresh finish but not so great for the environment so maybe a brown paper bag is more your style.

Include a sticker on the outside with a barcode or size detail.