The Mabuzi Story

Alongside the fast flowing waters of the Makabusi river, a traveller seeks freedom and inspiration.The Mabuzi Story

He has left his tribe, traditions, rules and all that he knows. He will conform no longer.
The skies darken and threaten; the rain pounds the soft earth. Shelter is found in a nearby cave.

A crack of lightning illuminates the sky – and he sees it – the rock carving of the MABUZI MAN.  

An idea is born. Adventures. Possibilities. Freedom.

The Mabuzi man embodies our philosophy. He is the individuality in each of our creative spirits.

Create your own story.

Mabuzi customers have many amazing stories to tell of their own. We have scores of corporate clients who have kitted out their people for a range of wonderful events. We also have many clients who have climbed soaring mountains, kayaked down wild, whitewater streams, surfed huge waves in faraway oceans and more. And we’ve supplied the T-shirts that have accompanied them on their journey.

We’d love to hear from you too.

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