Mabuzi is open for business and can be contacted by phone, email or chat with us online. We are taking orders for 'Click and Collect' or delivery direct to your door – including direct delivery to your clients or staff at home.


Recover was created as a result of serendipity, innovation amid circumstance, and the shared love of the outdoors. The world is constantly changing, and at the beginning and end of each day, it’s up to all of us to decide how we engage with what’s out there in the given moment. For all of us at Recover, we decide to engage by working for a sustainable tomorrow today.

Recover is a sustainable apparel company that not only reduces plastic pollution in our rivers, oceans, landfills, and adventure playgrounds, but also gives people an easy choice to be part of a solution instead of part of a problem.

We are still adding Recover products to our website though if you would like to find out more visit their website here and let us know if you have any questions.