James Harvest

The James Harvest Sportswear Collection is based on American Collegiate fashion and is the epitome of quality, style and functionality.

Whilst following the latest trends, James Harvest also keeps in mind the need for an equal measure of functionality and always demands the use of the highest quality fabrics and fixtures; giving you confidence that their garments will not only withstand the test of time but will reflect the “essence” of your brand.

Here are some of our favourite James Harvest products.

James Harvest Products
  1. Ladies Birdie Polo Shirt
    Ladies Birdie Polo Shirt
    As low as $25.75
  2. Ladies Albatross Polo Shirt
    Ladies Albatross Polo Shirt
    As low as $25.75
  3. Mens Eagle Polo Shirt
    Mens Eagle Polo Shirt
    As low as $25.75
  4. Mens Snyder Jacket
    Mens Snyder Jacket
    As low as $105.45
  5. Ladies Savannah Jacket
    Ladies Savannah Jacket
    As low as $105.45
  6. Mens Redding Shirt
    Mens Redding Shirt
    As low as $52.75
  7. Ladies Redding Shirt
    Ladies Redding Shirt
    As low as $52.75
  8. Ladies Baltimore Shirt
    Ladies Baltimore Shirt
    As low as $65.45
  9. Mens Baltimore Shirt
    Mens Baltimore Shirt
    As low as $65.45

If you like to find out more about James Harvest you can visit their website here.