Wholesale T-shirt Printing Pricing

Mabuzi offers wholsale pricing for orders of 15 units and above, with quotes divided into pricing brackets as shown below:

Price Breaks:
15-25 units / 26-50 units / 51-100 units / 101-250 units / 251-500 units / 501-1000 units / 1,001 + units (POA)

Please be mindful when requesting a quote that small runs of 15 units will return a far higher per-unit pricing than orders of 100+. This is largely due to the setup fee, which is a fixed charge (not dependent on quantity); the more units you have, the more this cost is dispersed across the quantity of the order.

To achieve the most cost-effective quote, Mabuzi recommend aiming for quantities of 51 units, 101 units, 251 or 500+ units, as these pricing brackets return far better value for money than the lower price breaks. If you are nearing the next pricing bracket - (for example, you require only 90 units) you will often find the total order cost will be cheaper if you increase the quantity to 101 units (next price break).

How to request a wholesale quote:

To request a wholesale quote, please visit our online catalogue and hit the "request a quote" button on the individual product page(s) that interest you.

If you need pricing a little faster, please note that every product in our catalogue displays pricing the most popular decoration options & price breaks for that particular item.

The below is an example extract - taken from our product catalogue: 


Mens Ultra Cotton T-Shirt


excl of setup and gst

Screenprinting 2 col (1-col + base on dark)

Qty 15-25 26-50 51-100 101-250 251-500
Price 16.55 13 9.9 8.4 7.45

Digital transfer to A4

Qty 15-25 26-50 51-100 101-250 251-500
Price 23.05 19.55 17.55 15.7 14.35

Vinyl Transfer to A4

Qty 15-25 26-50 51-100 101-250 251-500
Price 20.65 17.35 15.5 13.75 12.55

Please note that this pricing is indicative only. Please press the "Request a Quote" button on the product page to recieve an accurate written quote based on your specific artwork & details. Unless a written quote is directly issued to you or your organisation by a Mabuzi team member, the quote will not be considered valid.


Can't find the product you need?

For all other wholesale enquiries (where desired products are BYO or not displayed in our catalogue), please see our "Request a Quote" page for more details on the quotation process & how to submit a quote request.
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