Gildan supplied by Mabuzi.comGildan is the world’s largest basic apparel brand with more than 500 million garments expected to be sold this year alone.

Gildan is one of the few companies in its industry to have defined strict requirements for the supply of all chemicals, dyes and materials used in production. Such supplies are selected and monitored to ensure that they have been approved for use by the appropriate regulatory authorities, and that they present no adverse effects to health or the environment.

Mabuzi prefers the use of Gildan products, as they support the ethics our company values.

To date, Gildan have achieve the following environmental, social and safety accreditations:

WRAP Certified (sweat shop free)
Oeko-Tex Certified (all products and processes have been independently tested and have been deemed free from harmful chemicals)
FLA Accredited (fair labour employer)

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