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Direct to garmentDTG  t-shirt prints have a natural finish and wide colour gamut.

Click here to order white direct-to-garment printed T-shirts now.


Why direct-to-garment?

With an almost unlimited scope for customisation, Direct-To-Garment (DTG) printing is the perfect way to create a photographic, full-colour, retail quality T-shirt print without needing to pay expensive screen print setup fees. Due to its soft-feel and slightly less vibrant colour reproduction, DTG printing is a popular choice for retro and vintage style designs.




Full-colour and photographic images can be printed.

Colours in final prints are greatly affected by colour of backing fabric & will fade with time.

Ink is applied directly to the T-shirt, eliminating any "plastic" feel. DTG offers the softest feel of all our print methods.

DTG prints are very sensitive to fabric composition and will not reproduce as vibrantly as digital transfer prints.

Low setup costs and no minimum orders (1+ units available).

This print method is not as cost-effective for larger orders as the print process is far slower than screen printing, and the machinery & inks more expensive.

Prints up to 28cm x 38cm can be achieved.

The durability of DTG prints are lower than that of transfers; making them ideal for prints requiring a worn or "vintage" look/feel, but making them generally unsuitable for heavy duty wear.

Repeat orders do not incur setup fees. Once your artwork has been set up, we'll keep it on file indefinitely.



With no minimum orders and an unrivalled soft-to-the-touch finish, DTG prints are a popular choice for our steady stream of local artisans and their one-off t-shirt designs; especially those looking to create a high-quality full colour t-shirt, that feels great when worn. Check out our online T-Shirt Lab for awesome deals on direct-to-garment white T-shirts and get creating today!


Direct-to-garment printing is ideal for:

• Events & promotion

Don't like the feel of digital transfers? What about a direct-to-garment print for your next campaign? We've printed stunning full-colour DTG prints for Loud, Staples, Double Impact Displays and more.


Garments for direct-to-garment:

Mabuzi offer printing onto a large range of items for varying budgets, which can be found in our online catalogue. All items with "direct-to-garment" listed as an option in the decoration field are available for this print method.

Note: Mabuzi does not print direct-to-garment onto BYO garments. If you have BYO garments that require printing, please see our digital transfers and vinyl transfers pages.


How it works:

1) The garment to be printed first undergoes a pre-treatment, which removes any dye residue or excess chemicals from your shirt and creates the fixative ability for the ink. It is imperative that this pre-treatment is evenly applied to the shirt or else the print may wash out of fade faster in low-coverage areas.

2) Once the pre-treatment has dried, the shirt is placed over the print board and the print heads pass over the shirt; printing directly onto the fabric similar to the way your home ink jet printer can print onto paper.

3) Once the printing is completed, the shirt is left to air dry and then is cured under a heat press to ensure the ink is fully dried and affixed to your shirt.


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