T-shirt Transfer Cutline Options


The examples below show all available cutline options for Mabuzi's Digital contour cad cut t-shirt transfers.

Please note that, in all examples, the cyan blue line indicates where the t-shirt transfer will be cut.
Please also be aware that our printable t-shirt transfer media is white, by default (not transparent) and thus, anything contained within the cutline that is not printed with an alternate colour will remain white and will appear as white when printed onto your chosen garments.

example of a rectangular or square block or patch cutline for digital t-shirt transfers

Standard Block Cutline for Digital T-shirt Transfers.

The block or rectangular cutline is the best cutline option for low-quality raster images, or photographic images where a rectangular shape is required. This is also the most suitable cutline for very small logos (under 4cm on the longest side), where an even cutline is desired.

example of rounded rectangular or square patch cutline for digital t-shirt transfers

Rounded Patch Cutline for Digital T-shirt Transfers.

Similar to the Standard Block Cutline shown above, the Rounded Patch cutline is also well suited to low-quality raster files (where a neat, even & accurate cutline cannot be extracted from your artwork) or smaller logos where a bubble print is not desired or is unsuitable.

Unweeded bubble cutline for full-colour digital transfer artwork

Standard Bubble Cutline for Contour cut Digital T-shirt Transfers.

Our most common cutline option. This cutline is a smooth line that matches the contours of your logo or artwork as closely as possible. The offset path or "bubble" ensures that none of your artwork is lost in the cutting process. Please be aware this bubble will be made as small as possible in all instances, but will be made slightly thicker on small logos or artworks with a high level of detail.

Please note: this cutline follows the outer most line of your artwork's boundary. Any inner details such as the insides of letters will not be removed.

Weeded bubble cutline for full-colour digital transfer artwork, internal detail removed

Weeded Bubble Cutline for Contour cut Digital T-shirt Transfers.

Essentially this cutline is the same as the Standard bubble above, except that the internal areas (insides of letters, etc) are picked out by hand with tools resembling tweezers. This process of removing excess and internal pieces of our transfer media is known as "weeding".

Please note: weeded bubble cutlines are not suitable for all artworks or for small logos. Artwork with a large amount of internal detail may incur a surcharge for extra weeding time.

Flush weeded cutline for full-colour contour cut digital t-shirt transfer artwork, closest cut line

Flush Weeded Cutline for Contour cut Digital T-shirt Transfers.

The flush weeded cutline for t-shirt transfers represents the closest possible line we can take to your artwork. This cutline is suited to full-colour vector artwork with smooth edges (no jagged or high detail edges), and produces exceptional visual results.

Please note: This cutline cannot be achieved on small t-shirt transfers. If you desire a flush weeded cutline for your raster artwork (jpeg, png, gif, bmp, psd etc) - an artwork fee for cutline creation will be charged (@ $88/hr inc GST).
This cutline is best suited to larger logos or designs.
Artwork requiring the removal of many internal details (insides of letters etc) may incur a surcharge for extra weeding time.
If fine details exists, it will be printed & not cut.
The cutline must remain relatively smooth and will be taken as the closest line we can match to your artwork.
Flush weeding is only suitable for those artworks with smooth outside boundaries. All other artworks will require a “bubble” cutline.

Small Logo Bubble cutline for full-colour digital t-shirt transfer artwork

Bubble Cutline - Small Logos for Contour cut Digital T-shirt Transfers.

For all small logos - under 5cm on the longest side - it is often impossible to remove (weed out) smaller internal details. Please be aware that if your desired print is quite small, the bubble required to contain all details may need to be made thicker than that of larger logos.

Please note: Some small logos may not be suitable for this cutline due to excessive detail and may need to be cut instead as a Standard Block or Rounded Patch transfer (shown at top of page). If artwork supplied is not a vector file (PDF, EPS or Ai) this cutline may not be possible.

Altered bleed colour on full-colour digital transfers to match t-shirt or garment background colour

Matching The Colour of your "Bubble" or "Bleed" for Contour cut Digital T-shirt Transfers.

In many instances, it is possible for our production department to alter the colour of the bubble or "bleed" on your print to match the colour of the garment it is to be adhered to. This minimises the visual impact of the media's default colour (white) on the design supplied.

For all cutline examples shown above, it is possible for us to match the “bubble” or bleed of your t-shirt transfer to a colour closer
to that of the garment they will be printed onto. If you require this service, please request it when you order. Please note  that NO extra surcharge is incurred if correct vector artwork is supplied.

Please note: Colour match to fabric will be made as close as possible but a slight variation will always be visible.
If you desire a coloured background or bleed for your raster artwork (jpeg, png, gif, bmp, psd etc) - an artwork fee for bleed creation will be charged (@ $88/hr inc GST).

Artwork notes for all Digital contour cad cut t-shirt transfers

Preferred file format:
Vector (EPS, PDF & Ai Files).
Please note that Raster files (jpeg, bmp, gif, psd, png) may incur artwork charge ($88/hr inc GST / min. charge $22 inc GST) Colour Matching: Please note that all digital transfers are printed digitally in a CMYK colour profile and thus, Pantone colours cannot be matched to 100% accuracy. CMYK colours will vary slightly due to individual printer and ink calibrations, but all precautions are taken to ensure colour representations are as accurate as possible.

Low-Res / Poor Quality Artwork:
Mabuzi reserve the right to refuse any artwork or request alternate artwork format(s) to ensure best possible print result is achieved for all jobs.


Applications for Digital contour cad cut t-shirt transfers:

Promotional Products: These full colour transfers are applied onto Promotional t-shirts and Promotional products including caps and bags.

Sports Team Wear: These full colour transfers are applied onto sublimated sports wear and cool dry polyester team wear as sponsor logos.

Uniforms: These full colour transfers are applied onto polos, t-shirts, hoodies and work wear as business logos.

For further information on applications please refer to our digital transfers page.


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