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Your partner in Promotion


Your partner in Promotion. was pleased to print shirts for the Partycatchers and Cabie-oke promotions by Telstra.


Welcome to Partycatchers, the place where you can catch free tickets to a party you’ll never forget, all thanks to Telstra.

On the big day, 30 people were in Sydney and 30 people were in Melbourne. Each of them were carrying three tickets to that city’s party.

To get the tickets all you had to do was catch a ticket carrier.

T-shirt printing by for Partycatchers


What happens when you cross a cab with karaoke?

Well, it ain’t always pretty, but here it is – the good, the bad and the glass shattering.

Sing yourself silly while you get a free cab ride courtesy of Telstra. 

T-shirt printing by for the Cabie oke promotion


February 19, 2011
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