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Roller Derby's Haterade & Team Australia Hit Canada!


Sydney Roller Derby League's star skater, Haterade, joins the almighty team AustraliaComprised of the toughest skaters from all over the continent, the final line-up of Australia’s debut Roller Derby World Cup team has been announced. Featuring a heavy showing from Brisbane’s Sun State Roller Girls (with 8 members of the team to their name), “Team Australia” has been pieced together from the very best of the best; each recruit having been handpicked from try-outs across the continent.

With a very minimal representation of New South Wales skaters in the team’s line-up, we are exceptionally pleased to announce that one of our very own local derby heros, Haterade (from the Sydney Roller Derby League) has made the cut & will be joining the ranks of Team Australia to battle it out in Canada against the world’s best!

Although we don’t like to pick favourites (or fights!) amongst our derby friends, Haterade does hold a soft spot with the Mabuzi team. One of our closest contacts at SRDL since the early days (and a major player in creating our great relationship with the Sydney league), Haterade has a huge involvement in the league, its development and its players.

One of her latest joint ventures has been the creation of the amazing new designer derby brand, Ghost Points – proudly printed by our team

It gets even better, too. Ghost Points are the official uniform & merchandise suppliers for the team Australia girls, with a huge proportion of their profits filtering directly back into the sponsorship of the team to ensure they can get all 20 members in the air and on their way to Canada.

Grab one of their supporter packs today and help get Haterade & Team Australia to the Roller Derby World cup for the first time ever!

 Team Australia merchandise by the skaters, for the skaters. Buy a sponsorship pack today & help get Team Australia to the Roller Derby World Cup in Canada!

Learn more at the links below:
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Sydney Roller Derby League
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Roller Derby World Cup


November 6, 2011
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