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New Online Catalogue Goes Live!


After very nearly wearing the letters off their keyboards, the team at Mabuzi HQ have finally released their latest and greatest new creation: 

The brand new Mabuzi E-Catalogue.

 Created over a period of months and aided by an excel guru, some faithful interns and a lot of caffeine; this new addition to the website is set to revolutionise the way we help our customers find exactly what they're looking for.

Sporting an impressive selection of T-shirts, polo shirts, business shirts, sportswear, outerwear, headwear and more, the E-Catalogue is a step toward the future for Mabuzi.

After years of experience in the apparel printing field, we've worked out that nobody knows what you want better than you do - which is exactly why this new extension of our website is targeted directly towards our customers! By putting our collective wisdom on the web, we're offering our customers the ability to browse at their leisure, be inspired and seek out exactly what they want!

We've kept it simple, too.

In the categories you'll see the basics: a list of products available in that category, a thumbnail displaying what each looks like, a brief description and the base price per unit, allowing you to compare quality, budget and style at a glance.

On each individual product page you'll see everything you'll ever need to know, in more detail: fabric composition, sizing chart, available colours, decoration options, detailed pricing and more.

And it gets better...

- Search faster with the ability to sort by price, name, product type & more.

- See instant pricing on each product page, for our most popular decoration options!

- Request a Quote, pronto! Our online catalogue now supports quote requests straight from each product page.

- Go green, with our new eco-friendly product categories. Now you can look good and feel even better.


What are you waiting for?

Check it out now


November 2, 2011
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