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NSW Police take on Glebe Youth


Glebe Youth face-off with the NSW Police Riot squad.

Proving that they're up for the challenge, the NSW police took to the field to take on the youth of Glebe for a rugby match; with cameos from the Wallabies & Mabuzi's tees.

Decked out in their custom printed t-shirts (designed & printed by, both teams arrived at the oval only to find they would be sharing the turf with none other than the Wallabies themselves.

Match organiser Trent Rose, 25, Leichhardt LAC Aboriginal community liaison officer, said the team was rapt to shake hands with the Wallabies.

"We booked the oval a while ago and we got a call to say they had booked it out for three days," Mr Rose said. "They were kind enough to let us use the oval."

He said the match between the riot squad and Glebe youth was like Oztag with rugby league rules.

Leichhardt LAC duty officer Inspector Clive Ainley said: "It was to show that Glebe police are part of the community. And there's a couple of (footy) stars in the making. Someone needs to get hold of these kids."


Read the full article & check out the pics of their Mabuzi-designed & printed tees:
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September 10, 2012
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