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National Play Festival 2012


Screen printed calico bags for the National Play Festival, January 2012


With a new (& relocated) incarnation each year, the National Play Festival provides an incredible glimpse into the world of Australia's theatrical underworld. With an outstanding array of both established and up-and-coming writers, the festival provides an unique opportunity for Australia's finest playwrights to develop, explore & bring their words to life in front of a national & international audience of theatre companies, theatre enthusiasts & producers.

“For the first time in history this new theatre writing showcase event will play in Melbourne,” PlayWriting Australia’s Artistic Director Chris Mead says, “It’s about time: Melbourne is one of our country’s great theatre crucibles with some of Australia’s finest writers and a sophisticated theatre audience. It promises to be an electric event, bringing together international guests, national prestige and local talent.”

In 2012, the National Play Festival will also have an international focus, exploring the ways Australian playwrights and theatre companies can connect globally.

Mabuzi are incredibly proud to help support the groundbreaking work of the festival & its participants, and we thank the organising comittee for choosing to support our business & give us the opportunity to supply the stunning merchandise for this event.

Read more about the event at the National Play Festival website.


January 30, 2012
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