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Cotton price increase in April have lead to t-shirt stock shortages

by Kevin Rack

Cotton price increase in April.

Cotton price increase in April have lead to t-shirt stock shortages in Australia.

Dear Mabuzi tribe member,

The planet has certainly been afflicted by several natural disasters of late.  Not least affected have been cotton growers in various parts of the globe.

China – the world’s biggest supplier of cotton – has suffered a savage drought, and Pakistan, another major supplier had its crops severely reduced by flooding. Australia has not been spared either, with our cotton crops the victim of recent flooding in Queensland.

These factors have unfortunately contributed to a global shortage of cotton. And this of course has the flow on effect of ramping up cotton prices. (You may be interested to know that the price of raw cotton reached 90 cents a pound this year, up from the 40 cents last year and it is now at a 140 year high.)

What this means is that we are now expecting an increase in cotton prices of between 5 – 20% from April.

And as a valued customer, we wanted to let you know this information in advance

Stock shortages for t-shirts from suppliers around the world are now more common. So whilst we cannot guarantee stock levels of suppliers, we will endeavour to process your orders quickly and quote using suppliers who do hold larger stock levels.

There are options, such as t-shirts cotton blended with polyester and many of these work really well. The polyester content can however have an effect on Direct to Garment printing as some the water based inks cannot bond firmly with the polyester, leaving a patchy and faded print after washing.

The best way to proceed is to allow us to advise you on choice of fabric to best suit the printing style you’re after.

We’re sorry to bear the news of this global price rise but we wanted to make sure we keep you in the loop so that there are no nasty surprises.

Hopefully the cotton price jump is a temporary one, but in the meantime, we look forward to continuing to supply you with great quality t-shirts, caps and more, within Mabuzi’s trademark fast turnaround.

Kind regards,

Kevin Rack
for Mabuzi HQ

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May 10, 2011
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