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DIY T-Shirt Modifications: Mabuzi's Pop-Up Festival Workshop


All now safely back to Mabuzi HQ, our very own team of T-shirt engineers have returned with fire in their bellies and a collection of spectacular blueprints for future t-shirt modifications in tow!

Having spent the weekend in Southern NSW at the Burning Man Australia festival, “Burning Seed”, the crew have now reappeared in the store, looking moderately more tanned and 50% more bohemian than their prior Thursday counterparts.  More about the festival itself can be read over at Friday’s preamble, here.

With a portable T-shirt studio (read: tent) as their weekend headquarters, the team ran a fantastic ongoing workshop over the daylight hours of all 4 days they were in attendance at the festival; providing the 300-odd punters with free (Mabuzi-funded) tees as blank canvases for spontaneous creativity (and anger management, for those ending up with a pile of shredded cotton after their “modifications”). Tools such as scissors, glue and sewing paraphernalia were also provided alongside piles of creative embellishments such as ribbons, buttons, threads, fabric paint and more – also gifted by our team (and a few friends)!

As the pile consisted of only “oversize” tees, participants were encouraged to slash, sew, twist, plait, knot, gather and ruffle their way into the territory of contemporary fashion design – some doing the bare minimum to make their canvas fit, whilst others went the extra mile to create a walking work of art. All t-shirts were printed with our very own Burning Seed design, which can be read about in detail over at our pre-festival post, here.

Across the 4 days, over 150 shirts were meticulously reinvented by professional artisans and self-admitted “non-creatives” alike. Our team were amazed by the depth and breadth of creativity of the participants, especially from those proclaiming that they suffer from an acute lack of artistic ability! The workshop saw even the festival’s nudists being encouraged to get out of their comfort zone (or into it, perhaps!) and join the fun.

Now we’re inviting you to join in the excitement from the comfort of your own home and get inspired by some of our absolute favourite creations from the pop-up Mabuzi T-Shirt Lab!


Artistic slashing applied to one of Mabuzi's 300 gifted t-shirts for the Burning Seed Australia festivalTwo T-shirts being merged into one; another of the many creative modifications invented by participants at Mabuzi's Burning Man Australia t-shirt tent.Three festival participants and their Buning Seed T-shirt alterations. All t-shirts & tools supplied by Mabuzi.T-Shirt modifications in progress at Mabuzi's T-Shirt studio tent at the Burning Man Australia festival, "Burning Seed".Another masterpiece in progress at the Mabuzi pop-up T-shirt studio at the Burning Man Australia festival.Braided tailoring by a Burning Seed participant on one of Mabuzi's 300-odd gifted T-Shirts.300 T-Shirts printed with Mabuzi's "Burning Seed" design were gifted to the festival participants, to be modified at will by the recipients in Mabuzi's pop-up T-Shirt studio.Free-style t-shirt modification by a Burning Man Australia participant, shirts & tools all gifted by Mabuzi.


November 15, 2011
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