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City2surf 2011


City2Surf 2011

After a record number of competitors entered the famous Hyde Park to Bondi beach race this year, City2Surf 2011 has drawn to a close yet again. The Mabuzi team would like to give a huge thank you to all of our customers who placed orders with us for the event (and overtook us on the course!). It’s only been a few days since the race and we’ve already received word (and photos) of some of your Mabuzi-creations in action.

From the aerodynamic 1Cover "onesies" to cool dry running gear to novelty walking gear, there were plenty of good-looking teams on the course, all printed by Mabuzi!

A selection of some of our favourite creations can be seen below - and don't forget to submit your event photos to us if we haven't spotted you yet!


City2Surf 2011
City2surf 2011 prints for 1cover by


City2surf Melbourne Vetmed running team shirts


Congratulations also go out to our own sporting heroines at Mabuzi HQ for running (and, in some cases, walking) the City2Surf Sydney and the rest of the team for making a great day to be shared together with family and friends. For some of our ladies it’s a repeat order though for most it’s their 1st major run, well done to all!

TeeMabuzi City2surf 2011 team shirts

We wish all our City2Surf Perth and City2Bay customers an enjoyable and fun race.

We’d love to hear from you too.
Please e-mail us your photos of you and your team. Write to us and tell us more… 


August 18, 2011
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