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Mabuzi Catches Fire

by Kevin Rack

With grand plans to set fire to several of our team members, this weekend will see the Mabuzi van hit the road for the Australian Burning Man festival, "Burning Seed", held in Narrandera (southern NSW).

Held annually in the Nevada desert, the original US Burning Man Festival begins as a temporary self-sustaining city; built entirely from its participants. With no entertainment, housing or food provided, all aspects of the festival are created by the participants as the festival progresses. Quite literally building a community from the contents of several kombi vans, an isolated patch of dusty desert land & a population of artisans & survivalists (...and the occasional hipster!), Burning Man festival is a festival like no other.

With a trio of Mabuzi campers set to brave the wilderness with a van-full of t-shirts, coffee & food (if they can squeeze it in!) Mabuzi’s own will be going the extra mile to contribute their own skills to the Burning Seed community this weekend.

One of 288 FREE Burning Man Australia t-shirts, designed & printed by Original inspiration for the design shown below.
Our team will be joining the fun with 288 free Burning Seed t-shirts, all repurposed from our excess stock and designed & printed at Mabuzi’s expense, these once hideous t-shirts are ready and raring for scissors, stitching, and creative manipulation by the Burning Man community. Too large for our team members; the current talk circulating Mabuzi HQ involves whispers of some very creative dress modifications, a lot of “trimming” and then some!

Designed by Mabuzi’s very own in-house designer, Alanna, these t-shirts pay homage to this years’ Burning Man in Nevada, showcasing the bird motif repeated throughout the spectacular “Love” sculpture created by a participant at this years’ festival. Stay tuned early next week for photos of the shirts in action, including a showcase of the creative alterations the community can produce!

To learn more about the festival (and purchase last minute spontaneous tickets, if desired) – visit:  


November 10, 2011
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