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Bling Your T-shirt


Need a little sparkle in your life? Try our brand-spanking-new heat-applied crystals!

Whether you’re a fan of bling, a member of the Jackson 5, or simply in the market for an eye-catching new expression medium (because gloss gold just wasn’t enough!), these little gems might just be the missing ingredient you’ve been craving!

Available in a limited range of colours (see the lab for more details), these crystals are now live and ready for use on all online custom t-shirt orders placed through our T-Shirt Lab. Simply select the crystals from the artwork tab, position them as you need them & zip the order through.

Need a visual? Check out our team’s wash-test t-shirt from earlier this week…

Mabuzi's online t-shirt lab's latest product allows you to bling your t-shirt with crystals.


March 27, 2012
Category: Latest News
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