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Hi Crew,

Here’s a quick run-through of the method to outline fonts when they are not on our system.

If an EPS file, right click and convert to PDF using Acrobat (or open it in acrobat and save as a PDF).

Acrobat preserves the appearance of fonts, which is why this whole thing works.

Once the file is a PDF (or if it was a PDF to begin with):

-          Open a new illustrator document

-          Go to the File menu, then click the “Place...” option

-          Place the file into the new document (this will not work if it is just opened – it must be placed).

-          Go to the Object Menu, then click “Flatten Transparency...”

-          Move the slider to 100% vector and check the “Convert all text to outlines” and the “Convert all Strokes to Oulines” boxes.

-          Click “Okay”

-          Right click your artwork and “Ungroup”

-          Right click again and “Release Clipping Mask”, if applicable.


Voila. Outlined fonts. J

Please note: This does not always work well with complicated artworks. If at all possible, always obtain the original files.



December 6, 2010

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